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'Animation Throwdown' Celebrating One Year of Bird Being the Word and Touching Butts

It’s official: Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a year old -- freakin’ sweet! Launched last September 15th, the game has been a huge project for us at Kongregate and we’re happy that it’s been so well-received! To celebrate this big milestone, we put together an awesome new update including a mythic Bob Belcher, new heroes, and a 1-year anniversary gift for all our amazing players. Thanks for your support throughout this last year, and we’re looking forward to bringing you even more awesome content in the future!

Update Animation Throwdown today on iOS and Android and read more about the game’s new features below!

Mythic Bob

Bob has been added to the Mythic lineup, but don't rush to the store just yet! Mythic Bob will ONLY be available via events. We've added information about Bob here.

Swole Club and Swole Challenge

A new event is coming to Throwdown! Compete in the Swole Club to earn upgrades to your heroes. Swole Club is a long-term event where you can earn Gun Show Tickets. Use Gun Show Tickets to further develop your heroes' abilities. Once the event ends, your Swole bonus will disappear -- the Swole bonus is only applied to the Swole Challenge. More info will be available via the Help Center upon release.

Here is some information from our Help Center about the Swole Challenge.

You can view which bonuses your hero has available via an icon on the battle screen.

New Heroes

The Giant Chicken and John Redcorn will become available as new heroes! Both will only be initially available via the Shop and the Swole Challenge.

We've updated Hero information here, and Defense Card images here.

New Island

"Ohhh...Oh, God. I really hope there's a hungry horse back there." There is a new island! The Peter-assment island has been added to the Adventure!

We've added new island info here.

New Quests

New Quests have been added! Now you can finally get some sweet satisfaction from beating those last few levels!

We've updated the Quest info here.

1st Anniversary Gift

Thank you for playing for a whole year! All players can log in during September 14th -- 20th to get their 1st Anniversary Gift! Check back to find out what's in the box!