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'BattleHand Heroes' Debuts Worldwide on Mobile Devices

Kongregate, in collaboration with Another Place Productions, has announced the worldwide mobile launch of the superhero collectible card game BattleHand Heroes. The spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed BattleHand, BattleHand Heroes follows local superhero Mr. Sunshine as he assembles an elite team of heroes, known as "The Sentinels," to repel a mysterious threat and ensure the safety of Silver City. BattleHand Heroes is now available for free on iOS and Android devices.

BattleHand Heroes is a unique cocktail of both role-playing and collectible card games, set in a beautiful 3D world full of compelling lore and deep gameplay features. Players will recruit and level up a diverse group of Heroes with customizable powers gained from evolving a wide selection of uniquely humorous collectible cards. They can unlock incredible upgrades through each Hero's skill tree and tailor their cards to perfect a combat strategy using elemental strengths and weaknesses. With both single-player and multiplayer modes, BattleHand Heroes features a robust campaign and competitive player versus player challenges.

BattleHand, the predecessor to BattleHand Heroes, was featured as an "Apple Editors' Choice" and was selected as an Apple "Best of 2016" game.

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