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'Bit Heroes' Hacks 'n' Slashes onto Steam

Bit Heroes, the massively successful mobile and web hit, is now available on Steam! Founded in 2017, Bit Heroes developer Juppiomenz was a side project created by three industry veterans while working at other companies. With millions of plays and downloads, Bit Heroes is now a full-time passion that continues to expand onto more platforms and communities. Juppiomenz has been nominated for "Best Indie Developer" by the Mobile Games Awards and more recently announced as a Google Play Best of 2017 winner for the "Most Social" category.

The popular fantasy-themed dungeon crawler is bringing its nostalgic 8-bit inspired style to PC for the first time. Players start their adventure in "Bit Valley" by fighting waves of pixelated monsters in turn-based combat. As they defeat new monsters and bosses, players have the option to recruit their enemies to battle alongside them; even the most legendary bosses can be tamed... On their quest to conquer each map, they collect mountains of loot to forge thousands of unique armor sets and powerful weapons. Players express their unique personality through countless cosmetic items, battling their most fierce foes with a wardrobe of distinct options including an inflatable sumo suit, a hot dog costume, and cat ears.

"Bit Heroes marks our 9th Steam release since we started our push into cross-platform publishing late last year, and we think it is uniquely positioned to speak to PC players," said Josh Larson, Chief Revenue Officer at Kongregate. "It's an extremely deep experience with tons of loot to collect, players to fight, and dungeons to crawl."

“Our team has grown up playing Steam games. To have our own game included on the platform is absolutely amazing," said Alesia Higdon, Co-Founder of Bit Heroes developer Juppiomenz. "We put a lot of love into Bit Heroes, from the existing world, to the weekly updates, to some major content drops coming soon. We're very proud of Bit Heroes and think it will resonate with the Steam community.”

Bit Heroes includes compelling social features befitting of the Steam platform, including synchronous co-op World Bosses, Guilds and vast Guild Halls, Raids, Weekly Events, and PvP. Players who compete in the Player vs Player Arena can fight both friends and foes to climb the weekly leaderboards. The top PvP player of each week will be immortalized in the communal town square with their own personal statue for ultimate bragging rights.

Players can start their nostalgic adventures in Bit Heroes for free today on Steam. You can find additional information about the game at the Bit Heroes website and get the latest news on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.