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Bringing Kongregate’s Meta-Game Experience to Discord

Let’s say you’re new to Kongregate and our Discord community. You saw on our Twitter that there is an event going live — Discord Faction Events.

The Faction Events are a series of competitions players can participate in on our discord servers. On the Kongregate platform server, our most popular competition is the Faction Fight. The community manager (CM) chooses a game on Kongregate.com, and each player battles to get the highest in-game score for their team.

Clicking the link in our bio, you join our server. There is a short verification process and a customizable profile to opt-in to get pinged for particular events, set a color, choose a nickname, and join a faction. Joining a faction gives players access to a special chat room with others who chose the same one.

Once finished, players find Adrian the CM and send him a friend request to have their scores included in the Faction Event.

We’re focused on not just engaging the individual with an activity, but giving them a reason to engage with their peers. Since we’re giving points to those in the top 10 positions of the leaderboard, factions start focusing on helping their teammates with the games to bring their scores up. There are a lot of organic mentorships — sharing tips to heighten scores — and it creates relationships between our players. You’ll see people doing the activity together and then engaging in the general chat with one another and enjoying the space.

It’s also a great way to support the developers who create games on our platform. They’re being promoted on our Discord and seeing a spike in daily users from players trying every day to beat their high score.

Really what the Faction Events were born out of was this quintessential Kongregate experience — metagames & friendly competitions, sharing badges, developers and players having a direct line of communication, the light-hearted weirdness our players have always enjoyed, and having fun together.

If you’d like to join the Mini Arrows Faction Fight, join our server here!