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The Lore behind Bit Heroes Quest

Bit Heroes Quest is a universe filled with the unexpected. A place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Whether you’re wielding a sword made of watermelon or riding a pink shark as your mount, Bit Heroes Quest makes all things possible! 

So it’s no wonder the fabled Bird Tribe has landed in Zone 20. Big Claw Land just got bigger… and Claw-ier!

To discover the inspiration behind the lore of this new Zone, we sat down with a special guest within our dev team, the Lore Master for Zone 20. 

With their help, we’ll dive deep into the creative process behind the creation of the new zone, Big Claw Land, and what’s in store with the Invasion of the Bird Tribe.

So, Mr Lore Master-, could you please tell us about your role in Bit Heroes Quest?

I'm proud to be the story master behind Bit Heroes Quest, particularly in Zone 20. My passion is creating immersive stories and engaging characters, as well as developing the connection between the game and the Bitverse.

But my participation doesn't end there! Additionally, I have other responsibilities within Bit Heroes Quest aligned with the needs and vision of the game.

Do you think that the unpredictability of Bit Heroes Quest helps the themes of each area to be so different?

Definitely. One of the things that I like the most about Bit Heroes Quest is its sense of humor and craziness. It allows you to create crazy places that, in theory, shouldn't fit in the same universe, but we have them.

A land full of gladiators, priests, and space pirates? That's the Galactic Trials. A secret place of party rocker Gods? That's Olympian Secret Party. A forbidden land in the middle of nowhere with mysteries of the universe and chicken people? That's Big Claw. 

What motivated you to make “killer chickens” the theme of Zone 20?

Bit Heroes Quest is the flagship of the Bitverse, so I thought it would be a great add-on to introduce that lore into our game. That way we could create noticeable relations between all Bitverse games and that would allow us to create better initiatives in the future.

What is the connection between the Chicken and Bitverse?

Does the theme of zone 20 have any connection with the central story of the Bitverse?

Indeed! Zone 20 tells the story of how the Bitverse was created by Cluck Gothra, but from the perspective of people who are discovering this forgotten story. The intention is to start creating a deeper connection between Bit Heroes Quest and the Bitverse.

Where did you get inspiration for the creation of the Chicken Tribe?

(laughs) Bloodborne.

If you pay attention, you’ll see the similarities. The Chickeneers are people who escaped from dangers from the outside world and ended up settling in this canyon with the shape of a Claw.

These people started creating stories about a “primordial chicken” who gifted them with their home, and they finally found the ruins of an ancient civilization that mysteriously disappeared a long time ago in that same place.

I wanted to create something similar to what happened to Yharnam. It's not completely the same though (since the researchers are foreigners, for example) but I liked a lot how Bloodborne developed this narrative of people using the knowledge of ancient civilizations to seek power and insight.

In this case, our researchers are "The Healing Church" and the Chicken Tribe are the citizens of Yharnam.

The Big Claw Land, get it?

What is the relationship between the Chickeneers and the Researchers?

Chickeneers and the Researchers had very good first interactions. There was a cultural exchange at the very beginning, and that's why you see all Chickeneers in Roosterville using gadgets, such as tools or equipment. 

The thing is that when the Researchers found the evidence of an ancient civilization, things started to get trickier. They discovered the Pale Yolk and started experimenting with it, which explains a lot about Hen's Hideaway familiars and the mention of a military group of royal guards called "Chi'khans" – who don't appear as familiars even when their gear is dropping.

How many people worked behind the creation of a new zone in BHQ?

There's a lot of work from all of us. It takes months to create a new zone and the team involved is from artists to animators, designers, engineers and QA.

Get ready for a feather-filled adventure

What is the most difficult thing when creating a new zone in BHQ?

The most difficult thing is creating Sets and Mythics. Unlike other content which is just a matter of calculation and configuration, these gears also involve the need for innovation and utility, as Bit Heroes Quest is that enormous, the most difficult part is always to see how to create and balance these new sets so that the people have something useful to chase.

Which of the new fusions is your favorite?

The art team did an amazing job this tier. Fusions look amazing, but my favorite one is Kak'Ferkhan.

The legendary Kak’Ferkhan

Who comes first, the chicken or the egg?

The Pale Yolk, obviously (laughs).

Thank you, Mr. Lore Master, for providing us with a fascinating look into the creative process behind Bit Heroes Quest and the inspiration behind Big Claw Land. We can't wait to explore it ourselves!

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