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Developing the Gaming Space with Our Community

An inteview with John Jones, Director of Business Development at Kongregate.

Being an industry leader means ensuring proven best practices in our work while pushing boundaries. It means constantly testing, iterating, and changing while staying true to ourselves by fostering our community of developers and players.

The business development team has been attending events like GamesCom or NFTLondon (where we are right now!) and engaging with the game developer community to understand their pain points and how we can move forward together. We’ve been talking to people who have been part of the Kongregate community for years as well as those who are just hearing about us for the first time. They’re ecstatic that we’re relaunching Kongregate.com, wanting to know more about what we’re doing and what our transition into working with blockchain means.

The sentiment is that developers feel we’re in the best position to make the transition we’re making with our 16 years of creating fun gaming experiences with our community. It has been amazing to see developers that got their start with us and have gone on to become industry leaders.

We’re staying true to our ethos while being open to change and evolution with technology.

Kongregate has always been community first with both players and developers. We’re always doing what is in the best interest of our community by embracing the idea of having fun together and consistently innovating. Regardless of whether or not we’re at a conference, we contribute to being thought leaders in the gaming space by understanding the needs of developers and being able to establish that trust — knowing that we get the experiences they’re going through, being game developers ourselves. We’re able to speak their language and talk to them about their existing concepts and build on that.

The best conversations we’ve had are with game developers who have great games with fun experiences at their core and have a curiosity about what comes next.

Our platform is supporting Web2 and Web3 game developers. With conversations around Web3, we want to take the best parts and add that additional content to an existing gaming experience to offer more value to the players. We are updating all of our APIs, relaunching our platform with a new look and feel, bringing back all these nostalgic games in our archives, and supporting Ruffle to make these flash games playable again.

If you are curious about how to integrate blockchain into your game, we want to talk to you.

If you have a game and are not interested in Web3, we want to talk to you.

Every developer is in a different situation with a different style of game and a different target audience. So, we’re here to support all sides — Web2 and Web3, the developer and the user — and we want to share with you what we’ve learned.

John Jones is the Director of Business Development at Kongregate. He connects with partners and game developers to bring them onto Kongregate.com. His ongoing work to broaden the reach of Kongregate in business-to-business relationships is paramount to the success of the company’s new ventures.