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Digital Marketing for NFTs — Part 2: Six Months Out

If you haven’t read part one, click here to learn more about initial considerations and crafting your goals & message.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the best practices for launching your NFT project and considerations that impact the marketability of your community and message.

Identify your Key Dates

Knowing when you’re expecting to launch your Discord, Twitter, Landing Page, and Whitepaper is key. Ideally, launching the landing page, Discord and Twitter in close succession, followed by an announcement and paid promotion on Twitter and other web ad services can get you an early boost.

Developing and posting a whitepaper is an excellent second boost. Whitepapers define the nature of your project and outline the vision of your team for the months and years to come. This can be an appealing read for NFT investors and gamers who are looking for a long-form experience.

Regulatory Restrictions

Much like with any type of new technology, platforms and social media companies take time to establish the rules for advertisers using their tools to reach consumers. Knowing what these regulations are and how to avoid them is key to running successful campaigns and avoiding the almighty banhammer. Start by reviewing the policies for each ad platform, or speak with your network representative if you have one. Remember that NFTs are tied to cryptocurrencies, linking them directly to financial services.

Craft your message for each individual platform that you’re looking to spend on. While traditional UA ad copy might work across all networks, the current state of regulations means that some lines will work on one platform but get your account flagged on another.