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Expanding Our Story

From Kongregate's Michelle Shaw, Chief Blockchain Operations Officer

By rebranding, we’re telling the story of staying true to what has always made us unique and maintaining our commitment to the community while expanding to be more inclusive.

We’ve been in the games business for 16 years.

We’re both a game developer and a game publisher for third-party developers.

That breadth of experience gives us a unique perspective and leg up compared to our competitors in the market.

If you don’t know Kongregate, what we have always been great at is being a safe place for developers, for players, for our staff — and that’s something that we want to continue to be moving forward. Part of the focus of the rebrand and relaunch is not leaving our past behind. Instead, we’re focusing on how we can do even more in the future and become the best version of Kongregate with the latest technologies.

As a whole, Kongregate tries to be incredibly inclusive. We’ve worked with single-person developers in the past and we’ve always loved the ingenuity and newness of the work they create. So we’re looking to foster that engagement and new point of view that can get lost on other platforms or technologies.

One of the ways we’re keeping the history of Kongregate, while expanding to be more inclusive and inviting is our color scheme. Our designers had only been working in red, gray, black, and white. We wanted to expand that. One of the major undertakings we talked to our designers about early on was having an expanded range of colors to work with. That’s one thing I love about our Senior Designer, who designed the new look and feel. He has as few guidelines as possible, to allow people to use our logo in diverse ways. This thinking brings a different sensibility than what we used to have, which was rigid. We’re trying to be as inclusive as possible in every part of our business and encouraging multiple perspectives with fluid guidelines is part of that. It’s exciting to shape the branding to expand it into a more inclusive, technicolor view.

Michelle Shaw is Kongregate's Chief Blockchain Operations Officer. Having come from the marketing division, she brings a unique angle to the executive team. That perspective combined with her knowledge of the history of Kongregate is helping us make the smooth transition into new technology and the rebranding of Kongregate.com.