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Gotta Run Fast!

We will be playing our very own Bit Heroes Runner for this week’s live stream! Be sure to tune in this Friday at 10 am PST and watch us RUN FOR OUR LIVES!

Tune In Here:

Since starting the show in January, live streaming has given us a bold new opportunity to highlight some of our favorite games on Kongregate.com – whether they are games made by our talented developer partners or games we’ve made ourselves.

It’s a great way for us to showcase the games and gives us a chance to really connect with our community, letting them get to know us better both as real people behind the screens and as a company!

The upcoming Bit Heroes Runner livestream is no exception.

This week, we’ll be playing BHR with our usual hosts - myself (Sophia!) and Francisco AKA the  Game Huntah - along with our special guest Fernanda Contreras, the Head of Studio here at Kongregate.

Fernanda is an exceptional talent and super competitive so it should be a really great time. Fernanda has been leading our blockchain games efforts here at Kongregate. She had the honor of recently speaking at the United Nations about building the first-ever gaming studio in Chile! Read more about Fernanda’s amazing story here.

Bit Heroes Runner is one of a collection of Kongregate games set in a shared metaverse called the Bitverse which contains a collection of 8-bit retro-style fantasy-inspired games, including the massively popular PvE dungeon looter, Bit Heroes Quest, as well as the fast-paced PvP battle royale, Bit Heroes Arena – which will be launching out of Open Beta very soon!

Players participating in the chat also have the chance to win 100 Kreds, so be sure to hop in and say hi, ask us questions, and let us know what some of your favorite games are on Kongregate.com!

We can't wait to see you there!

Play Bit Heroes Runner | Bitverse Reddit | Bitverse Medium | Bitverse YouTube

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