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'GRIDD: Retroenhanced' Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

Kongregate has teamed up with the indie developers at Antab Studio to launch GRIDD: Retroenhanced on the Nintendo Switch. This marks the second Switch release for Kongregate and the first for the Italian indie developer, Antab Studio.

GRIDD: Retroenhanced is an intense arcade-style shoot 'em up heavily influenced by '80s hacker culture and cyberpunk. Players will fly their ships through a computer system filled with an evolving set of glowing gates, obstacles, and enemies as they attempt to take down an unrelenting security mainframe in a nod to previous rogue computers of the cinema world. With its pulsing synthwave soundtrack by Melbourne-based musician Dream Fiend, and its early home computing style, GRIDD: Retroenhanced takes a classic era and evolves it into a modern arcade experience.

GRIDD: Retroenhanced twists the tough-as-nails difficulty of classic arcade games by constantly adapting the difficulty to the player’s in-game performance. As players succeed and gain mastery of each element of the game, those elements become more difficult in future encounters. Likewise, obstacles too difficult to beat will relax until they reach just the right difficulty for the player. “The goal is to always keep the game at just the right difficulty level for the player; we never wanted it to be easy,” said Andrea Tabacco, CEO & Founder of Antab. GRIDD: Retroenhanced can be further enhanced on the Nintendo Switch by attaching a Joy-Con and engaging in "Power Glove Mode," which lets players control the game using motion controls.

“GRIDD: Retroenhanced is the result of a generation of kids growing up in arcades,” said John Cooney, Senior BD Manager at Kongregate. “It’s fun to watch the team get inspiration for Switch features from classic Nintendo products and game design.”

Players can launch their craft in GRIDD: Retroenhanced today on the Nintendo Switch ($11.99), rated E for Everyone. You can find additional information about the game at the website and get the latest news on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.