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Hack Your Way into 'GRIDD: Retroenhanced'

We’re excited to announce that our first original Steam title is now available: GRIDD: Retroenhanced! GRIDD is a tough-as-nails shoot ‘em up with the nostalgia of an old-school arcade game but the souped-up graphics and dynamic gameplay of a modern racing game.

Hack your way into an AI-protected super-advanced mainframe. Race through cyberspace, avoiding the viruses sent by the AI, and eventually go head-to-head with the corrupted artificial intelligence system. From Italian indie developer Antab Studio, GRIDD takes the traditional top-down arcade shooter and turns it on its head with a fully 3D point of view, dynamic camera angles, and a next-gen, neon style.

"GRIDD is our love letter to games, hacking movies, and cyberpunk culture that emerged from the 1980s," said Andrea Tabacco of Antab Studio. "We wanted to return players to the arcade halls of their youth but with graphics and gameplay enhancements that take full advantage of today's technology.”

“It’s fitting that GRIDD is the first original title we’re bringing to Steam as a publisher,” said John Cooney, Director of Premium Games at Kongregate. “The game’s stellar quality level and just plain fun gameplay are exactly why we’re diversifying into Steam publishing. Our goal is to support talented developers no matter what platform they’re working on, and the team at Antab Studio blew us away with GRIDD: Retroenhanced. We’re honored they decided to work with Kongregate.”

GRIDD: Retroenhanced is now available on Steam and is coming soon to Xbox One & the Windows Store. It will be regularly priced at $11.99, but is 10% off for a limited time. Grab it while you can!