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Bit Heroes Arena (Open Beta) and Bit Heroes Runner now available for NFT crossplay or as standalone games.

San Diego (November 16, 2022) — It’s time to journey into the Bitverse! Kongregate, creators of the massively popular web gaming platform Kongregate.com and a pioneering blockchain game developer, today announced two new games for its Bitverse Games Collection. Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner are available to play now on the web, with mobile versions expected in 2023.

In addition, Bit Heroes Arena will be launching in Open Beta, giving players an opportunity to help develop the game with their direct feedback. Originally, Arena had been slated for Closed Beta, but due to an overwhelming number of players signing up, the team opted to broaden the game to the public instead.

Starting today, players can enter the Bitverse and use their purchased one-of-one NFT characters — called Bitverse Heroes — to play across all games. Players may also choose to play the games as traditional stand-alone games with separate customizable non-NFT characters.

Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner are inspired by Kongregate’s popular turn-based RPG looter, Bit Heroes Quest. Launched in 2016, Bit Heroes Quest has garnered over 16 million installs and has grown a devoted fan base of loyal players due to its abundance of content, cosmetics, events, mounts, and now NFT avatars for gameplay across Kongregate’s Bitverse games collection.

Bit Heroes Arena

Bit Heroes Arena is a battle royale that pits players against one another in a fast-paced fight for survival. Players will explore a pre-designed map with monsters to fight, buildings to explore, and weapons to equip to face other players in PvP combat — all while a deadly storm swallows the environment along with any players left in the storm zone.

Bit Heroes Arena features a robust quest system with daily missions. Players can craft & equip loot collected between matches to best face different challenges. The game also includes a bevy of community-oriented features like guilds, tournaments, and custom rooms that streamers can use to play along with friends and viewers.

Bit Heroes Runner

Bit Heroes Runner is a side-scrolling runner game, where players collect coins and fight monsters while escaping from a terrible monster that pursues them relentlessly. Your Hero can jump, dive, and dash toward portals to escape and explore new areas. As players increase their score, they can use coins and gems to upgrade their equipment, taking on the monsters that populate each level head-on.

“Kongregate’s development team kept coming back to the same question when considering what our next game would be,” said Jorge Ezquerra, VP of Product at Kongregate. “What if Bit Heroes combat happened in real-time? The obvious conclusion was the all-new Bit Heroes Arena — a battle royale, which could include all the unique aspects of Bit Heroes, with the RPG mechanics and cosmetics our players are fond of. With Bit Heroes Runner, we wanted a game that was accessible, something broadly playable and nostalgic to kick off the development of the Bitverse.”

Players’ unique avatars will store progression throughout all Bitverse games, allowing users to not only hold their collected in-game items in the NFT but to create full stories with their characters that they can bring to new games as they are released.


  • Bit Heroes Arena (Open Beta) will be available to play starting November 16th.
  • Bit Heroes Runner will be available to play starting November 17th.
  • Both games will include NFT gameplay functionality and be available on Kongregate.com.

Stay up to date with Kongregate’s Bitverse roadmap by joining the Discord. Purchase your own NFT character by visiting www.thebitverse.io and clicking “Buy Your Hero.”