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Kongregate Taps into Endless Business Fun with 'Idle Payday: Fast Money'

Kongregate and its independent game development studio Ultrabit are tapping into the corporate world with Idle Payday: Fast Money, the idle business simulator now available on iOS and Android devices. Players will rise through the business ranks one position at a time, gain endorsements from the biggest celebrities around, and watch their businesses earn trillions!

After selecting a side, "city" or "country," players invest in themed businesses with the help of wacky celebrities. Using their ability to automate their businesses and raise infinite idle cash, players can become the richest business leader in the world! And when they are finished, they can prestige, starting their game over, to gain reputation and watch their business empire grow even more. Players can compete in all new event leaderboards for massive profit multipliers to become the richest, most successful business leader ever!

You can find additional information about the game and get the latest news on the official Facebook account.