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Announcing Launchpad X: New Program to Fund Experimental Games

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The Kongregate Launchpad team is excited to announce the release of our new program, Launchpad X. This program is dedicated to funding game developers who aren't afraid to take risks, push boundaries, and break genres -- paving the way for new ones.

When the original Launchpad program released in 2015 it began funding new games with high polish and production values. Launchpad X is taking a different approach, funding games with often less than a month of development time, really focusing on core mechanics and innovation (think game jam++). We’re funding the titles from scratch to completion, and offering larger publishing agreements if games are successful in their early states. Launchpad X developers can choose whether or not their games actively monetize through opt-in ads or in-game purchases.

Launchpad X will coexist happily alongside Launchpad, both coming with Kongregate’s level of publishing services like analytics, game design expertise, UI/UX expertise, backend support, monetization support, and other benefits. Both programs target Kongregate’s web platform, Kongregate.com, with opportunities to expand to other platforms.

More information and applying to get funding for Launchpad games can be found at kongregate.com/launchpad.