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Office Space: Idle Profits Works Its Way onto Steam

Office Space: Idle Profits, a hilarious idle game based on the cult Mike Judge film, is now on Steam! Originally launched in April on mobile devices, the game features characters from the '90s comedy about office counter-culture.

Developed by San Diego-based developer Ultrabit, a Kongregate-owned development studio, Office Space: Idle Profits lets players take on the role of a disgruntled Initech employee and work with Peter, Samir, and Michael Bolton to plant a virus on the company’s mainframe that will siphon undetectable pennies out of each department and place them in a retirement account. It’s basically the plot to Superman 3... As players infect the company department by department they’ll also collect popular characters and assign them to the department where they’ll be most productive, earning even more money.

“We're super excited to be bringing the game to a new audience and a new platform,” said Cooper Bachman, General Manager at Ultrabit. “Our entire team were huge fans of the original movie before working on the game, so we hope that passion shows through in the final product!”

Ultrabit, a Kongregate subsidiary, previously developed the action RPG Raid Brigade and the politics-themed idle Pocket Politics. Office Space: Idle Profits builds on what they learned from the development of Pocket Politics and pushes the idle genre further than ever before with weekly events, a deep character collection and upgrade system, more advanced prestige loops and more.

Office Space: Idle Profits is now available free on iOS, Android, and Steam. For more information on Office Space: Idle Profits follow the official game channels on Twitter & Facebook.