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Stick It to the Man! 'Office Space: Idle Profits' Coming Soon to Steam

Do you hate your job? Have you had to move desks 5 times this year? Do you always miss out on the office birthday cake? Well, get ready to stick it to the man because Office Space: Idle Profits is coming soon to Steam!

Based on Mike Judge’s cult '90s film, the hit idle game features all your favorite characters including Milton, Lumberg, and Michael Bolton. In the game, players take on the role of a disgruntled Initech employee and team up with Peter, Samir, and Michael Bolton to plant a virus on the company's mainframe that steals pennies from each transaction the company makes. Players will infect the company floor by floor and watch the pennies roll in. It’s the ultimate payback!

Launched on iOS & Android in April of this year, Idle Profits on Steam will be the first version to launch on PC and will feature Steam Achievements. The game will be completely cross-platform, so players will be able to easily move their game progress from mobile to Steam and back again. Players can wishlist it on Steam today and play now on iOS & Android.