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Stickers & Blocks are Now Available on Kongregate.com!

Blocks are a new form of digital reward that players can earn by playing games, completing badges, and finishing quests in some of their favorite games on Kongregate.com.

Blocks can be redeemed to get sticker packs from a special marketplace. Those stickers can then be used in chat rooms on Kongregate.com to help our community express themselves in fun & interactive ways!

But Blocks aren’t just for players! Upon launch, we'll be giving out Good Games Grants to game developers for their personal wallets. These grants are based on a combination of ratings score (a minimum of 3.0), accumulated ratings, and total gameplays.

As a developer, you can also use Blocks to create badge bounties or schedule promoted listings in order to attract players to your game and reward them for playing.

In a badge bounty, Blocks are given out to your players as they complete your game’s badges. A bounty will only be open for as long as there are Blocks available within the bounty and, once all Blocks have been earned, the bounty closes.

A Block icon is shown in the badge wherever your game is listed and in the games browser. Games with badge bounties are also included in a featured category, increasing their visibility on the site.

Promoted game listings allow developers to promote their game in premium areas on Kongregate.com. Developers can choose a location on the website to promote their game, set up the listing using Blocks, and choose how long they want the promotion to run.

On the “Promoted Games” listing, you can see how many Blocks you currently have available, how many blocks are currently reserved, and the type of listing you can choose.

Any Blocks you earn as a player will go towards your Block wallet, which in turn can be used to create bounties and create promoted game listings. We encourage you to try out these new site features yourselves!