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Supporting the Flash Community with Ruffle

Kongregate is now a Diamond-Level Sponsor of Ruffle

Kongregate revealed today that it is joining the esteemed group of financial contributors supporting the open-source project Ruffle with a one-time donation of $5,000, plus a recurring contribution of $500 monthly.

Ruffle is an open-source Flash Player emulator developed on GitHub with the additional safety and performance features offered by the modern browser sandbox and Rust. The project is ongoing and entirely maintained by volunteers. It is free for anyone to use with the purpose of making legacy Flash content as accessible as possible to players and developers alike.

This financial contribution goes toward paying for the project’s expenses, including protecting the Ruffle domain name, continuous integration of the software, paying for developer accounts, and reimbursing contributors.

We integrated Ruffle software into Kongregate.com earlier this year to bring back thousands of beloved games on the site. This integration removes extra steps for gamers on our platform, doing away with the need for extra downloads or changing settings. You can read more about our work with Ruffle here.

Kongregate CTO Max Murphy said, “Kongregate aligns with Ruffle’s mission to bring accessible Flash gaming to the Kongregate community and beyond! By offering this contribution, we hope to keep their free Flash Player emulator updated for all of us to enjoy. We stand with Ruffle’s continued emphasis on the Flash community, with our own mission to support everyone who has developed or played Flash games on our platform.”

You can also support the Flash gaming community and the preservation of internet history by contributing code to the project, donating, spreading the word about Ruffle, or playing many of the Flash games found on Kongregate.com.