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The Significance of GDC for the Gaming Industry

There has been an extra buzz at Kongregate over the past few weeks. We’re preparing to meet game developers and partners in person, checking and double-checking flights, and talking about our matching shirts.


We’re going to GDC!

Here are a few of the quotes we’ve collected around multiple departments on why GDC holds such significance for us:

Michelle Shaw, CBOO

GDC has always been a big event for Kongregate! It's an exciting opportunity to meet with up-and-coming developers and showcase how we can help them on their journey. We always make time to give real feedback about developers' WIP games, even if we don't end up publishing or launching them on Kongregate.com. I hope that's what makes Kongregate a stand-out partner for independent developers.


The Game Developers Conference is an excellent place for knowledge-sharing and problem-solving. Engineers can learn about cutting-edge tools and technologies and help one another find solutions to common problems. It’s a chance to practice the namesake of the company with others in the industry!

Business Development

Having a booth at GDC allows us to meet with developers that we’re working with and foster our partnerships in person. It’s also an opportunity to meet developers who would like to work with us in the future and help them get started on Kongregate.com. We can discuss distributing their games, building their audience, and future possibilities for development.


GDC offers us the opportunity to meet people from all over the games industry, from ad networks to influencers. It’s an excellent place to establish partnerships, foster existing relationships, and get to know our community. We have the opportunity to learn and share marketing best practices all while getting to know partners in person which has been missing the past few years due to the COVID pandemic.


GDC is Kongregate's time to cross the virtual limitations of the screen to interact IRL with our developers and players at the premier gaming event of the year. At this year's show, we're excited to showcase just some of our biggest developer partnerships, while inviting new developers to explore joining us by releasing their titles on our fan-favorite platform, Kongregate.com. For Kong's Ops team, this is our favorite time of the year to support Kongregate's various teams as they come together to show the world just what the Kongmmunity can accomplish united, and why we're one of the best places in gaming to work.

Find us there!

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