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'The Trail: Frontier Challenge' Is Now on Steam

Journey across land and sea in an epic adventure in The Trail: Frontier Challenge, now available on Steam! From legendary game developer Peter Molyneux and 22Cans, The Trail: Frontier Challenge takes players to a new world where they’ll collect, craft, and trade in an unexplored land as they journey to Eden Falls, a bustling frontier town. As you amass fortune and notoriety, you'll work together with other players to build a thriving community in Eden Falls and ultimately become the Mayor of the most successful town in the new frontier.

The Trail was originally launched on mobile, but has been completely redesigned for a wholly PC audience with new challenges, character skill trees, and more strategic gameplay. PC players will also have to contend with the weather; extreme cold will require travelers to eat additional food, while muddy terrain can slow their progress.

Play The Trail: Frontier Challenge on Steam today! The game is regularly priced at $14.99, but is currently 10% off in celebration of its launch. For more information on The Trail, follow the official game channels on Twitter & Facebook.