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Unlocking Kongregate’s Flash Games

Ruffle unlocks Kongregate Flash games for legacy players without needing a browser add-on like SuperNova after the discontinuation of Adobe’s Flash Player. Thousands of games are now available to play again. This allows players to dive into Kongregate nostalgia & for us to curate fun themes for gamers to discover… and rediscover.

When Adobe started blocking access to its Flash player, content all over the web became obsolete. Kongregate got to work transferring its most popular games from Flash to Unity, but there was still an entire catalog of beloved Flash games rendered unusable. That’s where the Ruffle team comes in.

Ruffle is an open-source project developed on GitHub with the additional safety and performance features offered by the modern browser sandbox and Rust.

On August 24, 2022, our engineers integrated the Ruffle Flash Player emulator into the Kongregate.com website, making thousands of Flash games once again available to play without the need to download third-party software for a majority of the games.* The emulator works with all current operating systems without any extra downloads or changes in settings, allowing Mac & PC users to effortlessly enjoy our vast catalog of games.

The Ruffle integration comes at a time when Kongregate is in the midst of exploring new technology with blockchain and revisiting what makes our community thrive. Keep up to date with Kongregate’s future by following us on social media and joining our Discord server.

Please note: some games, depending on how they were built/coded, will still require the SuperNova add-on. For more information and instructions, read here.

*Please note: If you are using the SuperNova extension or Ruffle, badges will not work normally. In order to earn a badge in a Flash game, you will need to complete the badge, then submit a screenshot (showing both proof of completion and your username) as a missing badge report. Check out the Kongregate Discord for all the latest Kongregate news > Kongregate Discord