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Updated Virtual Goods Royalty Terms

We have updated our Virtual Goods Royalty Terms to include a few new points and clarify some things from before. Here is a list of the changes that were made:

  • I.2. We now guarantee that any changes to the Terms will be posted here (in a news post) at least 30 days prior to them taking effect.
  • III.8. We changed the language to allow a one-time link to an external account, rather than only an import. This is a better and cleaner experience for both developers and players, and is fair since any players who were already playing your game weren't sourced by us and so we're fine with them linking to their external account. We do however clarify that you cannot provide incentives to move Kongregate players off of Kongregate, including to a mobile version of the game.
  • IV.1. To avoid some earlier confusion, we now explicitly state the conversion rate of a kred, and will give notice if this changes. It has remained steady for years, and we will try our best to keep it that way for our developers' consistency and sanity. The reason for being worth less than $0.10 is because of bulk purchases made in large kred packs.
  • VII.2. This has always been a policy for us, but we hadn't been explicit in the terms in the past. While it's an unfortunate reality that games do sometimes have to shut down, it is a measure of safety and courtesy to our players that we require giving them at least 30 days' notice. If notice cannot be given 30 days in advance, any kreds spent in the game within 30 days of the cessation date will be returned to the players and removed from the game's revenue.