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Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis Is Now on Mobile

We're excited to announce the online action game Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis is now available for Android and iOS devices! Developed by game studio Outact, Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis is a tactical battling game where players collect heroes and troops to wage war in PvP matches in a 3D fantasy world.

A deeper take on the strategy RPG, Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis features a unique pre-battle deployment system that allows players to strategically create different battle formations. This feature preserves the immersive in-battle experience while adding depth to the combat and creating short, satisfying matches. In addition, Wartide includes robust social features such as alliances and PvP.

“We focus on bringing wonder and fun to every game we make,” said Paul Chieffo, COO of Outact. “It's never an easy commitment to fulfill and requires a strong will to resist game industry temptations. But in the end, we put player experience, originality, and innovation above all else. We've devoted ourselves to making Wartide a truly memorable experience, and we’re thrilled to unveil it to the world!”

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis is now available free on iPhone, iPad, & Android.