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Winners of Kongregate Game Jam: Attraction

First of all, we would love to congratulate each and every developer who made a game for the Jam! For anyone not familiar with the concept of a game jam, game jams are events for developers to create concepts, often based on a theme or idea, in a short span of time (typically a few days to a few weeks). What they build is completely up to them; all they have to consider is the theme or constraint of the game jam.

Our first Kongregate Game Jam was a one-week game jam based around the theme Attraction. There were also optional modifiers for developers to consider to help develop their ideas. They were:

Modifier #1: No Text
Your game transcends letters and numbers. No letters, no numerals, no punctuation.

Modifier #2: Kongpanions
Your game leverages Kongpanions, the cute web-based creatures on Kongregate.com. You can use our API/JSON if you'd like.

Bonus Modifier: This Vine
This is not a real modifier. We just really like this Vine. A lot.

We had 65 entries for this jam from veteran and first-time developers alike, across a ton of different genres, competing for a handful of cool awards. You can play all of the games here for yourself.

Now, let's move on to the awards!

Best Graphics

Games that showcase amazing art direction and animation.


Best Audio

Games that show exemplary music and sound design throughout production.


Best Interactivity and Feel

Games that feel exceptionally fun and great to play.


Most Innovative

Games that push boundaries and innovation in game design.


Best Theme

The games that most adhere to theme and theme modifiers.


Audience Award

The games Kongregate users voted on as the best of the jam.


Judge's Choice

Each of our Judges made their own awards for their favorite games.

Best Details

Ferris of Them All
Judge: IAmTheCandyman

Best Level Design

Circle Plus Square
Judge: andromatta

Best Tutorial

Judge: schonstal

Best Flavor

Kong Ranch
Judge: Heather

Best Awww Moment

Ice Cold Love
Judge: beardyleo

Most Likely to Corrupt the Youth

Free Circus Free
Judge: QueentakesRook

Best of Jam

The best overall games that were developed for the jam!


Thanks Everyone!

Thanks and congrats once again to everyone who participated! Every developer who entered in the jam will get this sweet participation award on their profile.