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Kongregate’s Developer Fund aims to inspire innovative, new experiences with grants for developers bringing blockchain games to Kongregate.com

San Diego (May 25, 2022) - Kongregate, creators of the beloved web gaming platform Kongregate.com and a pioneering blockchain game developer, and Immutable X, Ethereum’s leading Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, continue to build on their partnership. Today, they announced a $40 million fund consisting of an IMX token pool that will be awarded as grants to blockchain game integrations on Kongregate.com. Kongregate.com is relaunching later this year to become the premier destination for blockchain games from both established and indie developers and home to a new generation of gamers.

Kongregate, which was founded in 2006, has a long history of developing and showcasing fun and innovative game experiences across platforms and technologies. With the relaunch of Kongregate.com for web3 coming later this year, the company stays true to its roots in game advocacy, community development and indie developer support by cultivating one of the game industry’s most inclusive spaces for developer innovation, lively community interaction and game discovery. Developers will benefit from its end-to-end integration solution to ensure that each game on the platform is a fun and engaging experience for players. This includes a blockchain SDK, game design and tokenomics consultations, and community growth services.

“With the relaunch of Kongregate.com for web3, we’re once again creating a destination unlike any other for developers and gamers to come together to discover, chat about and play games!” said Max Murphy, Kongregate’s Chief Technology Officer. “As gamers ourselves who have long been dedicated to what made the original site so fun and special for millions of community members worldwide, we’re excited to reopen doors with new, sustainable technology that enables players to uniquely experience and be a part of the games they dedicate their time to.”

“We want our players to be owners in their personal gaming journeys,” said Markus Lipp, Kongregate’s Chief Executive Officer. “Blockchain technology allows us to give them a deeper experience in ways not possible with traditional games, from enabling players to help to shape what comes next in the storylines they love to being able to maintain their unique character across titles. Through our continued partnership with Immutable X, we’re ensuring that our players have the best NFT experience possible with technology that brings true innovation to gameplay, while also ensuring it’s green and scalable.”

“As an early innovator in web-based gaming, we’ve been proud of our partnership with Kongregate to help power the next generation of blockchain games,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder and President, Immutable. “With today’s launch of our blockchain developer fund, we’re excited to deepen our relationship with Kongregate as we work together to attract the best and brightest developers to build new titles on Kongregate’s relaunched web3 platform.”

We will be sharing more about our plans with developers currently on the platform soon; for new developers interested in learning more, please reach out to bd@kongregate.com to be added to our mailing list.

About Kongregate Inc

Kongregate is a leading game developer and architect of the gaming portal Kongregate.com. Formed in 2006 as a platform for amplifying indie game developers and building passionate gaming communities, Kongregate has always put developers and players first. Today, the company is focused on bringing fun gaming experiences to players around the world using the latest technologies for web3 and traditional platforms. Its mobile games have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and have billions of gameplays. Kongregate is a part of leading international digital entertainment group MTG and has three offices across the United States: San Diego, Portland, and Chicago.

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About Immutable X

Immutable X is the leading Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs to enable gas-free minting and trading, while not compromising the security of the most used blockchain globally for NFTs, Ethereum. The solution, powered by StarkWare’s innovative technology, offers instant trade confirmation, massive scalability (up to 9,000 transactions per second), and a fantastic developer and user experience. Immutable X has announced integrations with established marketplaces such as OpenSea and Mintable, and is powering some of the largest NFT plays across consumer apps (TikTok), DeFi (SuperFarm), and gaming (Highrise, ESL Gaming, Ember Sword, Planet Quest, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, GreenPark Sports, Illuvium, MyCryptoHeroes+).

To learn more about Immutable, visit: https://www.immutable.com/

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