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Data-Driven or Data-Blinded? Uses and Abuses of Analytics in Games (GDC 2018)

This year at GDC, Kongregate CEO and Co-Founder Emily Greer gave a talk titled "Data-Driven or Data-Blinded? Uses and Abuses of Analytics in Games." Check out the talk summary and slides below!

Talk Summary

In the last decade of data analysis, A/B testing and predictive modeling have transitioned from an afterthought to a given in the game industry. Data can be invaluable in understanding the player and making decisions, but it can just as easily lead the industry astray, or worse, narrow the way the industry thinks. When should you be driven by data, and when should you let your imagination roam free? This session will expose common mistakes and pitfalls, both technical and emotional, as well as provide practical guidance on how to improve the rigorousness of your tests and the quality of your data, and how to make sure you don't lose the forest for the trees.


Emily Greer at GDC 2018: Data-Driven or Data-Blinded? from Kongregate