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GDC, FGS, and the Kongregate Blog

Hi Developers,

We’re about to pull back the curtain on our brand new Kongregate blog. This is the evolution of our basic news updates, where we create a space to share advice, statistics, tools, and information to help you make the best possible versions of your games.

We’ll share extended versions of our conference talks and insight from different Kongregate departments including virtual goods, design, mobile and more. It’s also a forum for you to ask us questions. It’s a chance for you to dig deeper and tap into what we’ve learned from seeing over 300 virtual goods games and over 60,000 total games on the site in the past seven years.

But before we get into more formalized posts from our experts, we’re completely swamped getting ready for FGS and GDC. We have four esteemed members of the Kongregate team speaking throughout the week, so make sure you stop by to hear them speak and say hi. Speakers include Emily Greer, Greg Mclanahan, Pany Haritatos, and John Cooney.

Here’s the schedule:

Flash Gaming Summit 2013

"A Decade of Flash Game Design - A Personal Retrospect"
Sunday, March 25, 11am
John Cooney, Game Designer

"Fact or Fiction: Game Development in 2013" (Panel)
Sunday, March 25, 5:30pm
Pany Haritatos, VP of Mobile

GDC 2013

"Building Games for the Long-Term: Maximizing Monetization and Player Satisfaction"
Tuesday, March 26, 10am
Room 135, North Hall
Emily Greer, Kongregate Co-Founder & COO

"Designing Compelling Achievements" (Microtalk)
Wednesday, March 27, 3:30pm
Room 134, North Hall
Greg McLanahan, Director of Games and Achievements

"Publishing 2.0: What’s the Real Deal?" (Panel)
Tuesday, March 26, 1:45pm
Room 135, North Hall
Pany Haritatos, VP of Mobile

Make sure you come to hear everyone, and before we officially launch the blog with in-depth write-ups, please start following our new developer-centric Twitter account: @kongregatedevs.

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week!