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How Trifling Truffle Trouble Redefines the Kongpanion Series

Today I'm thrilled to take you on a captivating journey through our latest project, Trifling Truffle Trouble.

In Trifling Truffle Trouble, you assume the role of the dastardly Lord Sugarcoat - an ingenious candy factory owner faced against our mischievous Kongpanions who refuse to let things run smoothly. Their relentless attempts to disrupt the sinister chocolate factory owner’s work demand a creative solution! Enter Sugarcoat's Snack Machine! With it, Lord Sugarcoat plans to turn those troublesome Kongpanions into candy, all while indulging in a block-destroying extravaganza.

We caught up with 3D Artist and Game Designer, Gonzalo Bravo, to talk about Kongregate’s latest title.

Our vision with Truffle Trouble was clear. We wanted to offer a distinct experience with each installment of the Kongpanion series, captivating players with an engaging, fast-paced, and undeniably charming gameplay style. With Trifling Truffle Trouble, we wanted to do something different - introducing a brand new villain to the Kongregate universe. We think this helps to expand the Kongregate universe.

Along with the sadistic new antagonist Chef NoGusto - who was introduced in Chef’s Last Stand - Lord Sugarcoat helps bring even more dimension to the Kongregate Squad’s narrative to link these games together.

We conceived Lord Sugarcoat as a sophisticated and eccentric character; a self-absorbed candy manufacturer with an undeniable allure that captured our team's imagination.

Trifling Truffle Trouble stands as a testament to the growth and evolution of the Kongregate Squad. We have become a well-oiled machine, harmoniously working together, and embracing our individual strengths while allowing for growth in new areas. Witnessing the series’ progression fills me with immense pride, as it exemplifies the collective efforts and unwavering dedication that have brought this project to fruition.

With Trifling Truffle Trouble as a shining beacon of our creativity and expertise, we are driven to continue our extraordinary work, delivering immersive and engaging gaming experiences to audiences worldwide, and driving further engagement with Kongregate’s Kongpanion badge meta-game.

Together, let's embark on this journey. Stay tuned for the next adventure from the Kongregate Squad!

Gonzalo Bravo is a 3D artist and now game developer within the Kongregate Squad! He’s excited to continue growing his game development skills to bring you more games for the series.

Join us this Friday at 10 am PDT for a livestream of Trifling Truffle Trouble With Player Experience Expert Alysia, Senior Marketing Manager Francisco, and Game Director Tony!

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