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January 2018 Contest Winners

Each month, developers win cash prizes for having the highest-rated new games! Click here for official rules. Check out the official contest page here.

Last month's big winner was VasantJ's Medieval Angel 4! For those who aren't familiar with the "Medieval" series, it all began with "Medieval Cop" back in January 2016. Since then, it's expanded to 17 (!) episodic games, becoming a critically acclaimed fan favorite with the Kongregate community and frequently dominating our monthly contests. The series blends lighthearted silliness with serious character development -- only in the "Medieval" series will you have the chance to battle both power-tripping demigods and armies of militarized chickens (both intent on world domination, of course).

We asked VasantJ to share a few words about his inspiration and experience developing Medieval Angel 4:

VasantJ: Medieval Angel (previously known as Medieval Shorts) was a concept born when some fans described Dregg, the main character of the Medieval Cop series, as being too bitter and depressing. So, to add some milk to my coffee, Amber Heart was born. The main premise of the concept was simple -- some lighthearted cases unrelated to the main story with familiar characters, hence the title Medieval Shorts. Incidentally, I was also rewatching my favorite series "Scrubs" during its development, which inspired me to properly balance jokes and serious scenes. If you play the first episode intro of Medieval Shorts, you will realize it bears a small resemblance to the Scrubs opening title where the characters swap with each step.

However, while working on the first episode, I realized that it could become something more. So I made a rough outline of the "Chicken Army" and "Angel of Heaven" stories, published the first episode and awaited public response before committing to it. And as you can see, we are now at the fourth episode and it's all thanks to the honest replies by fans and their continuing support, which made this series possible.

Congrats to all the winners!