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Kongretine’s Day: Lifelong Friendships Between Players & Developers

This February, we’re focusing on the feeling of togetherness — and love — within our community. Players are hanging out with one another on Kongregate.com and our Discord developing and playing games together while making lifelong friendships — so we’re celebrating that with Kongretines Day.

The Kongretine’s Day coloring event is a Valentine’s Day event where players can send a love letter to their ‘Kongretine’ of choice. It’s a unique opportunity not just for players, but for our developers too, receiving direct feedback from fans. Those relationships between player & developer are one of the quintessential Kongregate experiences for both game makers and players.

It’s a great way to spread positivity throughout the community, promote games, and receive feedback from players about their favorite games.

An undecorated Kongretine card.

How it works:

The event will be taking place on our Kongregate Discord server in the #kongretinesday channel.

Those participating will download the Kongretine card of their choice to decorate. We want the event to be as accessible and creative as possible: participants can print out the cards to color them in, decorate them with programs on their computers, or edit them on their phones!

After decorating the cards, players choose the recipient of their card and send it to Community Manager Adrian via direct message. Options for Kongretine recipients include another player, a game or game developer, or Kongregate.com.

TrickyRodent decorated a Kongretine for our community manager, Adrian. It features a cartoon anatomical heart and says, “My heart is full of gratitude!”

We will be sharing some of the cards with our community on February 14th during our Valentine’s Day Livestream. Join us at 12:30 pm PST!