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Update Round-Up: September 2023

🎉 New Games on Kongregate.com!

The following games have been added to Kongregate.com since the previous update round-up:

Our team is looking for more opportunities to bring great games into the spotlight and continue supporting independent game developers everywhere.

If you are interested in getting your projects added to Kongregate.com, please get in touch with us at bd@kongregate.com.

✨ Game Updates!

Idle Wizard was updated with over two and a half years worth of content including ascension classes, regular events, and more! You can find the full list of patch notes in the game's Settings menu.

🧰 Site Updates!

We performed back-end updates to the site as part of our larger efforts to revitalize and redesign Kongregate.com. Although the update was focused on non-player-facing improvements to how the site works, there were a handful of player-facing changes: the removal of our beloved message forums and guild chat, and adding a link to the Kongregate subreddit.

Stay tuned for more news about the website: we are committed to making Kongregate.com amazing, continuing to support the games you know and love while bringing in fun new ones!

We will be sharing a roadmap of future plans on our Discord server.

🏆 New Badges!

New Badges have been added to the following games:

👾 New Kongpanions!

TWO brand new Kongpanions have joined the rest of the krew! Say hello to


Loves art, especially drawing.


Busy at 10 and 2, but otherwise free all day.


Join our Discord server and participate in the #who-is-that-kongpanion channel to see sneak peeks, and play the draw-your-Kongpanion guessing game. We share our favorites and the closest guess during our weekly livestreams.

🗨️ Discord Widget Expansion

To join in on the conversation, simply click the Discord icon in the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen. That will expand the widget to let you see what other players are discussing. If you log in with your Discord account, you can chat as well.

📖 Kongregate Blog

A massive update was just brought to Diebrary, so we took the opportunity to speak to Angus Fletcher & Daniel Eichler, two Other Ocean team members behind the game. “We wanted to make a game in the arena roguelike genre. We're big fans of it. A bunch of our team has played games like Vampire Survivor and 20 Minutes Till Dawn."

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If you’ve joined us for our livestreams, you may already be aware that our Community Manager Adrian used to be a schoolteacher in Japan. To learn more about how his experiences as a schoolteacher align with his current role as a Community Manager at Kongregate, we sat down with him and chatted about his process of getting the job and what skills he learned as a teacher that are still relevant in his current role.

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Behind the scenes from one of Laura's projects. In my early days as a designer, I learned a valuable lesson from a mentor about the "filigree" – the delicate details that elevate a design. These subtle nuances can transform a good design into an exceptional one. It's a lesson I've carried with me throughout my career and one I share with junior designers, emphasizing the significance of refining and perfecting every aspect of their work.

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"For me, this month serves as a powerful reminder of where I came from and the memories I hold dear. It's a chance to reconnect with my roots, a reminder of my grandmother's cooking, and the Spanish language. It's essential to cherish our cultural identity and Hispanic Heritage Month allows me to do just that."

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