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What Do We Want to Spark Within the Web3 Community?

An message from Kongregate's Chief Technology Officer, Max Murphy.

As we talk with developers and continue our journey into blockchain technology, a lot of us have been asking, “What do we want to spark within the web3 community?”



Thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries.

We would like to get gamers and game developers to think along the lines of exciting, weird, fun games that have a piece of asset ownership in them so players can own their journey. If you look at what people collect — it’s Funko Pops & comic books — not dudes in tactical gear. A lot of games go after the Triple-A experience and those are really fun, but there is also a large group of people who love to push the envelope. And there are more players who don’t even know they love the eccentric indie games yet because they haven’t been playing them since the flash scene died.

The small game maker scene is really niche and a lot of platforms and developers at our scale aren’t working with smaller developers and testing out the technology in this way. We are typically seeing this level of experimentation from smaller groups that may not have the resources to deliver, and we want to work with them to foster their creativity.

I want to get the gamers & the game developers to know that we are doing these experiments alongside them. I want to see more creative methods of developing video games, and blockchain is a great place to do that, being community-driven.

We’re trying new technology, we’re seeing what works, and we’re inviting developers to go on this journey with us.

Max Murphy is Kongregate’s Chief Technology Officer, touching infrastructure and operations. An early fan of Kongregate, his user ID is in the triple digits. In his free time, Max loves to snowboard, collect skateboards, and is a screen printing wizard.