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Halloween at Kongregate: How Did We Celebrate?

External Events

Kicking off the Halloween festivities, we've transformed our beloved Kongregate logo into a fun Jack-O-Lantern to set the perfect eerie mood for the month.

Game Events

Several games on Kongregate added Halloween-themed content or limited-time events to celebrate the season! Here are a couple we’d like to highlight, if you’re not quite done with the creepy vibes.

Konkr.io - the Dead Islands await you!

Get ready to dive into the turn-based strategy game, Konkr! Expand your kingdom, boost your economy, and prepare to face hordes of zombies in the chilling Dead Islands expeditions. Can you conquer the undead?

Bit Heroes Quest Halloween Event: Last Chance!

One more day is left of the Bit Heroes Quest Halloween Event. Discover limited-time cosmetics to transform your hero into a Halloween legend, harness powerful boosts to conquer the darkest dungeons, and gather rare materials that will aid your quest. Learn more here.


We dressed up for each game during the month of October, with a special two-hour Halloween livestream where we also answered questions about the new updates to our homepage. 

Internal Events

Our operations team also put together a few Halloween events for Kong-ployees to celebrate with one another.

Quiz Time

All throughout October, our operations team offered up bone-chilling trivia! We enjoyed Friday the 13th, scary movie quotes, and Halloween-themed questions. 

Themed Puzzle

We adore puzzles at Kongregate, and for each event, our operations team works hard to make them even trickier. Here's a sneak peek of the latest challenge:

Costume Contest

Because we're gamers at heart, we couldn't resist a bit of friendly competition this year. We held a Jack O Lantern carving contest, coloring pages, and costume contests - for both humans AND their furry companions. Check out some of the incredible creative work from our talented team:

That's a wrap for Halloween at Kongregate, but we'll keep playing our favorite horror games. 🎮👾🎃