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The Immersive World of Bit Heroes Quest by Lead Artist Pez Moreno

We take pride in creating immersive and captivating mobile and browser games that transport players to extraordinary worlds. Today, we shine the spotlight on one of our talented lead artists whose creative genius brings the pixel art realm of Bit Heroes Quest to life.

Meet Pez Moreno.

"When I started at Kongregate, I wasn't officially a Lead Artist, but in March of last year, I began training and officially made the transition in September. My role is to make the artistic goals of Bit Heroes Quest understandable for every artist, ensuring the quality we need."

Like most pixel art, Bit Heroes Quest's atmosphere evokes a strong sense of nostalgia, adventure, and discovery. It carries the hallmark of early video game imagery with simplistic pixelated art, transporting players back to a time when gaming was in its infancy.

"I was a big fan of RPG games and pixel art when I was younger, so it's amazing to work on a pixel art game. It's a more playful and goofier use of pixel art, which makes it cute for the players and fun for the artists," Pez revealed. This innovative approach adds a fresh dimension to the traditional pixel art experience, capturing the hearts of both seasoned players and a new generation of gamers.

Moreover, Bit Heroes Quest stands as a testament to Pez's ingenuity and innovation. Collaborating with game designers, Pez plays a pivotal role in enriching the game's visual storytelling, immersing players in a captivating narrative. "Having a story that players can explore within the universe adds depth to the experience," Pez shares.

The delicate balance between trying new things and preserving the game's essence lies at the core of Pez's artistic philosophy. With an art Bible guiding their efforts, Pez and the team ensure that each artistic addition aligns seamlessly with the game's themes and narrative. Embracing ideas from players and colleagues alike, Pez maintains a constant flow of creativity while remaining true to the game.

But what truly defines Pez Moreno as an artist is the passion and commitment toward Bit Heroes Quest’s community reflected in their work. "We're excited to see how our community reacts," Pez shares, exuding enthusiasm for the Summer Vibes Event. The summer-themed event showcases the team's collective drive to deliver fresh and rewarding experiences to their players. The exhilarating summer adventure is filled with exciting quests and rewards, along with the pixelated nostalgia of Summers’ past.

If you’d like to experience the Summer Vibes event, play Bit Heroes Quest - the event is available until August 10th!

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