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The Journey Continues—New Game Pages!

We're ready to share some awesome updates to our game pages, all geared toward making your game discovery experience more dynamic and engaging. These enhancements are live now, so dive in and explore our new features!

Category Preview

Starting with the Games Page, we've implemented significant changes by eliminating the left-hand rail. This creates a streamlined and immersive browsing experience where each gaming category takes center stage on the page. Users can preview content from various genres without having to make a selection first – simply scroll to explore all available categories before diving in further!

Search Reimagined

Search functionality is a top priority for us, and you can expect numerous enhancements in the upcoming months that go beyond visual upgrades. Similar to the Homepage, the search bar is prominently featured at the top of all our game pages, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.

Easy Navigation

On the Category Detail Page, we've introduced a new navigation feature at the top. This feature displays all categories for easy jumps between genres without the need to return to the main page. Sorting options have also been included. Refine the grid based on your preferences, filtering by badges, top-rated titles, most-played games, and the newest and oldest releases to get the best match.

Get the Details

We've introduced a significant change to our Search Results Page – a shift from the traditional list format to a more visually engaging full-width grid layout where each game card displays essential information such as title, genre, badges, and user ratings without requiring you to hover over it. The goal is to offer a quicker and more user-friendly search experience, simplifying the process of finding the game you're looking for. Happy gaming!

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